Infograph and poster design

Infographs and Posters

Aquaculture NZ Infograph, click to expand
Salmon Infograph for Aquaculture New Zealand, click to enlarge.
Health Infograph for social services research, click to enlarge.
Posters commissioned for Sth Georgia
Poster series commissioned of South Georgia
Posters commissioned of Grytviken, South Georgia. Click to expand.
Poster advertising La Vida's CD launch. Click to expand.
Poster advertising a Youth orchestra concert. Click to enlarge
Poster designed for Greenhill orchestra concert
Sustainable Hoki infograph for Sealord, click to expand
Protecting the seabed infograph for Sealord, click to expand.
Infograph series for Sealord New Zealand, click to expand.

What is infograph design?

Infograph design is a wonderful way of presenting complex information or data that otherwise would be difficult for someone outside your expertise or industry to understand.
Infographs are a particular passion of Kirsten, our graphic designer, who enjoys the challenge of interpreting data or specialised information and presenting it as a visual story that enables others to understand the messages her clients want to share.

Infographs work well for scientists and specialists where information collected may not be particularly digestible for those outside of the industry. It is also very suitable for presenting research programmes and results.

Revell design has often worked with the fishing industry in developing interesting and compelling ways to put across important information and has been recently working with scientists within the Cawthron Institute to present research proposals and findings.


Have a story to tell?

Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion. Companies large and small are using infographics to build their brands, educate their audience and simply to tell a story.

Consider whether your information could benefit from this innovative approach.